Synthetic oil is an engine lubricant created artificially from chemical compounds. So what we can see? I have used Stihl HP Ultra 50:1 with 93 octane gas exclusively and have been very happy with it. That’s why it lasts longer than conventional motor oil. It will reveal poor viscosity and/or wear of the bearings mentioned. STIHL HP Ultra combines excellent lubrication with a very low tendency to carbonizing. What does your wallet say? does your manufacturer recommend synthetic oil perhaps making the question of whether or not to use synthetics a moot point?). Additives which are added to prevent sludge build up and mineral deposits and also to provide superior engine protection during extreme driving conditions i.e. Synthetic and Conventional motor oil will both protect your engine, but synthetic oil will do it as much as 47% better* and resist breakdown under extreme temperature conditions. FREE Shipping. We see the ads for it everywhere, which all say that synthetic oil lasts longer and will protect your engine better than regular oil. It’s a compromise. So is synthetic oil better than regular oil? Yes, you can use regular oil after using synthetic oil with no problems at all. The synthetic oil has two major types known as synthetic blend and the full synthetic. For cars with over 75,000 miles, be sure to use a high mileage oil. It is twice as expensive as the ordinary oil and even though it is known to last longer, it might not be easy on the wallet. We’re interested to know – what what type of oil did you use for your last oil change: regular or synthetic and why? Manufacturers also state that consumers can mix oil as well. Today’s multi-weight oils cover a wider range of operating conditions. Mineral oil just will not mix as you would find. Cheaper than synthetic oil, often 2-3 times less expensive. Because of these properties, you can run leaner mix ratios. Misinformation about synthetic oil vs conventional oil in older cars still populates the Internet and some auto repair shops. When i purchased a new gallon i noticed it was qiucksilver premium plus synthetic blend. All Time Today Last Week Last Month. – At high speeds where combustion is more complete, there is little difference in smoke between regular and synthetic. In This Guide What is Conventional… Before we analyze in detail synthetic oil vs regular oil, first let us understand why we use oil in our vehicles. Stihl HP Ultra 2 Cycle Engine Synthetic Oil 2 Gal Mix - 1 Bottle. Purchased this stihl on release in 2014.Only ever used synthetic mix.99% Was stihl labeled and some husqvarna xp syn and now kinetix syn.Wow synthetic oil … On the other hand, synthetic oil change has some disadvantages that one ought to look out for. Is more expensive – often 2-3 times as expensive – as regular motor oil so there is a cost consideration. Major motor oil manufacturers offer consumers a choice of synthetic oil, regular oil and oil that is a mix of synthetic and regular. We see the ads for it everywhere, which all say that synthetic oil lasts longer and will protect your engine better than regular oil. Looks like previous owner may have used qiucksilver premium plus 2 stroke oil. Regular or conventional oil and synthetic oil are both lubricants which are used for automobiles’ moving engine parts. Just like conventional oil, synthetic motor oils act as a barrier, protecting … Purchased this stihl on release in 2014.Only ever used synthetic mix.99% Was stihl labeled and some husqvarna xp syn and now kinetix syn.Wow synthetic oil is amazing in it cleaning properties! 3 – Mixing Synthetic Engine Oil with Regular Diesel Engine Oil Boosts Performance: While technically, it is true that you can use a small portion of synthetic engine oil with your already in use diesel engine oil to maximize performance, a lot can go wrong. Check out our guide of the best conventional and synthetic engine oils. Synthetic vs Regular oil. Just saying. I've used the Tanaka oil from day one in all of them; one ounce to one gallon of gas. Base stock which is artificially created. Stihl Motomix vs. … Joe W 1 Joe W 1 1 56 posts; Posted April 19, 2015. By Joe W, April 19, 2015 in This Old Boat. A cool on set does not indicate apparent engine damage at the tim… High end performance vehicles and European makes such as Mercedes-Benz typically require full synthetic engine oil because of the superior protection it provides. Synthetic motor oil comes from a chemical processing plant, not from the ground. Synthetic motor oil has some added value to cover this extra cost. Messages 28 Location NC. best 2 stroke synthetic/regular oil. If you are currently using conventional engine oil, changing it on schedule, and your vehicle’s manufacturer doesn’t require it for your engine, we recommend to continue using conventional. people who live in the northern hemisphere and experience harsh winters) and those who experience high-speed driving in extremely hot conditions are those who will notice the most benefit from synthetics. STIHL is supposed to have a new fully synthetic oil. Get it as soon as Fri, Dec 11. Likewise, if you routinely make short trips where the engine never fully warms up, conventional won’t get hot enough to burn off moisture and other contaminants and byproducts of combustion. If the oil can’t do this you have metal to metal contact between rod bearings and crankshaft throws and severe wear and knocking of the parts causing the bearings to wear out and break (throwing a rod) and ruining the engine. Joined Oct 11, 2001 Messages 1,022 Age 46 Location arkansas Website Visit site. In summary, many people get their money’s worth out of using synthetic. $40.32 $ 40. Schedule regular intervals. The Amsoil Sabre is great oil as well, but I would still run it at 50:1 (The Stihl Ultra is mixed at 50:1 as well). All of the products use fully synthetic oil with the exception of Echo’s Red Armor line, which for some reason goes with a semi-synthetic option. The thinner oil that is extracted is used for conventional motor oil which is the base stock. You need enough oil pressure to keep these items separated. extremely cold and hot temperatures. was wanting to put synthetic back in but not draining the converter, dont know how. Inside of a vehicle’s engine is many parts that move against each other, creating friction and converting energy to tremendous heat. There are two major differences, however. Synthetic motor oil comes from a chemical processing plant, not from the ground. If you use other Sythetic oil he will know this because dye in oil and there is not a warrenty. That’s not good – switch to synthetic. However, there are some significant benefits and key differences that most people need to take note of which can help them make better decisions when choosing their next oil. Check out the benefits and drawbacks of each type of oil and compare that with the type of driving that you do since frequent high-speed drivers tend to be the type that synthetic oil offers the most benefits too. I found all of the information referenced on the manufacturer’s respective websites. Conventional oil has its origins in crude oil which is separated into two types of oil that are thick and thin. Or synthetics will cause roller followers to slip … 2. But synthetic is also noticeably more expensive, so it’s not always an easy choice. Can be used with any type of vehicle at any time in the life of the vehicle. Regular Motor Oil – Which Should You Use? Being a pro, I don't make enough to justify synthetic. It is also quite resistant to the viscosity breakdown. Viscosity. Last Words . Your owner’s manual will specify the correct engine oil rating for your car and how often you should replace your oil and filter. I would pay more in oil over a period of time than if I burned up a saw 25% sooner using regular dino oil. In most cases, you get to decide whether or not the more expensive synthetic oil is worth the cost. This simply refers to the ability of the oil to have free flow in all the temps. The second number signifies the level of protection the oil gives an engine at 212 °F (100 °C) (normal operating temperature). The lower the number, the thinner the oil/easier it flows. Lasts Longer – It also generally lasts longer than conventional oil, meaning less frequent oil changes. Now, let’s know about synthetic oil. weather), driving type (regular driving or long, high-speed driving)  and vehicle type (i.e. In general terms, drivers who experience cold startups (i.e. I like synthetic oil for 2 stroke engines, they tend to run cleaner for less engine deposits and less smoke. Oil filters that are made of synthetic material are identified as synthetic oil filters that can be used for both regular oil and synthetic oil depending on the suggestion of the manufacturer. Keep your 2-cycle engine in peak condition with a regular maintenance routine and premium-quality STIHL oils, premixed fuels and lubricants. Flows Better – Synthetic is thinner, so it flows better at cold temperatures, especially during cold engine starts. Unless your motor calls for a synthetic TCW-III, you can safely use either conventional or synthetic 2 cycle oil. Regular oil is usually produced through the normal oil refinery process. Synthetic Motor Oil Vs Regular Motor Oil Octane ratings are nearly identical with both brands using synthetic oil in their mixture. According to Mobil Oils, one of the leading manufacturers of engine motor oils, synthetic motor oils provide improved protection compared to conventional oils, but there's no reason to worry if you switch to full synthetic and regular oil. Quick Oil Change - Answers You Need To Know, Oil Change Informations, Coupons, Prices and Guides, Oil Change In Houston Locations And Prices, Oil Change In Milwaukee - Locations and Coupons, Oil Change In Memphis - Find The Best Prices, Getting an Oil Change in El Paso - Prices and Locations, Hyundai Discount Coupons For Motor Oil Change, Grease Monkey Coupons and Oil Change Price, Oil Filter Change – What You Need To Know, Sears Oil Change Price 2020 – Find How Much You’ll Pay For Conventional, Synthetic or High Mileage Oil Change, Jiffy Lube Prices – Find How Much Does Oil Change Cost Near You. WHGStihl. Love it or hate it; …. Synthetic Vs Regular Oil. For a small-time period, this “blend” will … Most modern conventional motor oils contain some percentage of synthetic which is one of the reasons why they are so much better than in years past. Stihl Motomox vs Trufuel – Each brand offers an ethanol-free, premixed fuel in a 50:1 ratio. One of the best perks of synthetic oil is its viscosity stays almost the same no matter the temperature. Synthetic oil is the engine oil made with chemical additives. Here are the advantages of synthetic motor oil: So, synthetic lasts longer and requires less frequent changes than conventional. saw runs fine after 2 years of falling with it. Synthetic oil better protects your engine’s main components. We've explained that synthetic oil is far more refined than conventional oil.