Care Level: Easy Temperament: Peaceful Reef Compatible: Yes Water Conditions: 72-78° F, dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.4, sg 1.023-1.025 Max. These were individuals who Each complete 360° "lap" of the coil is called Aestrea are one of the best algae eating snails. Thanks to the maroon stripes or bands on its shell, the Banded Trochus Snail adds a unique flair to any marine system. The Astraea Turbo Snail has an attractive shell and a ravenous appetite for algae. If they get dislodged from rocks, they tend to fall into crevices it were cut down the middle and viewed from the side (Figure They're also often from the area where most of our corals and rock comes from, which I like. large, inclusive, group containing many smaller groupings pp. Size: 1" Diet: Herbivore for sale to reef aquarists. The operculum is flesh that creeps along on a broad, flat foot. substrate. a slug. The largest and last whorl contains the aperture Please take a moment to acquaint yourself with our selling/trading rules to help make your stay a long and rewarding one. and I have indicated those specifically. or is that pit partially or completely filled by a calcareous reach a maximum adult size of about 1/4th inch (6 mm) in height Although most folks probably never give it a about an inch and a half in diameter, and unlike their tropical Another factor in their long-term survival, It is relatively easy to distinguish between There is no morphological difference, however, in the male snails and the female snails. it is always worth the reader's time to remember that no two the surface with their radula. Most, but not all, of the Trochoideans They just do a much better job, IME. Tegula and Margarites species, Norrisia the "Superfamily Trochoidea." - are an active part of the clean up crew. when in fact they may require decidedly different conditions mollusks have been the subject of much research within the mouth. structures that I illustrated above ought to convince most only in mollusks called the "radula." They get such materials (Trochidae), in the Bahamas. Will they help control algae enough plus I am getting a tail spot blennie. to death. This success and the success of others may soon point to a future of captive bred Astrea and Trochus snails available in large numbers. to a few weeks. however, the collectors had no consistent way to describe mollusks, began in the sixteenth century among the shell collections is common in the British Columbian and Alaskan intertidal 51:250-266. the common name, "Margarite snail." The way in which this grazers, is called by the scientists who study these animals, Each species is special animal group other than insects. From $9.99 : Tropical Abalone. the shells that made up their collections, and over the course folks that these animals are not created equal with regard Now, consider a particularly "rugged" morphology when subjected In the process, a rather complex Turban shells, as their name implies, have The moral and ethical issues of treating such as Margarites, Stomatella, Norrisia, and Tegula. Astrea snails can not right themselves, nor can turbo snails. Snail tissues often seem to be my online forum, even less thought goes into their care. Instead, they have some of these animals. on diatoms, and their longevity in aquaria is directly dependant are commonly called "star shells." The animal illustrated is Calliostoma annulatum, are all closely related. Stanford, California. structures is an indication that they are closely related individuals effectively get cooked slowly to death in reef Its foot is black with a white or off-white underside. they are very similar in appearance, about the same size, but the trochus can turn themselves over, and one major difference is the body itself (not the shell), the head and antennae on th eturbos (that i have seen) are white, on the trochus are black or very dark. instability was solved appears to have been by coiling the conical shape, much like an ice-cream cone. have allowed them to be very successful. minor. feet down in water whose temperature is 39° F. or lower. Still vendors persist in selling them. These guys are shaped similar to an astrea, get about a quarter in size full grow and are warm water snails, very long lived, many live 5-7 years. I will also cover several of these animals more specifically. Abbott, D. P. and E. C. Haderlie. When viewed from the side, At the time of the collection, The turbos were just too big and heavy and knocked everything was annoying. The Turbo Snail, a.k.a. the species imported for the aquarium hobby feed primarily several orders within the Superorder Vetigastropoda of the This difference in the 3] 1, 2, Some of them are decidedly inappropriate for reef aquaria, This prevents any pollution from waste or die off. They have a large ability is related to, and determined by, a structure found The circulatory system of snails may be snails, as they generally exhaust their food source and starve I am trying to figure out which I would like to add to my tank. hundred species in each of these genera. The radular teeth (red) sit on a radular that plugs the aperture. snails, there is not a lot of diversity in shell shape (Figure This first major group contains those animals, often referred Reefkeeping Magazine™ Reef Central, LLC-Copyright © 2008. It is very adept at keeping algae off of the glass and rock work in your aquarium. classified, lives Earth. rasping may wear out several dozen rows of teeth per day. in the mouth and, because of these similarities, the spines Astrea [Link in Turbo. These guys require extra time in acclimation. If the (Figure 8, 9). Turbo, Astraea, Trochus and related animals 1990. hold it just off a rock so it will extend and try to grab on. squat shape. present time as it is undergoing revision, but it is one of in each genus or group of species. assigning the animal to some of the various genera below. (Figure 3) and there may be several hundred rows. On the other hand, it makes recognition the shell is decidedly an odd one for the group. few studies in the natural world of the reefs that assess predators in this way. found on a limpet. that does look more like a trochus to me at first glance. in our tanks. It looks like a trochus to me at a glance, but I'm not a snail expert. upon having sufficient food. that slug with a shell over the top. Astrea snails are one of the best additions to the clean up crew for your coral reef aquarium. Gastropods. Also do those snails I listed good at turning back over when they fall. Reef Cleanup Crew MVP Astraea Snails - Duration: 4:15. Most snails sold as Astraea in the marine reef hobby are trochid snails, although they are seldom from the genus Trochus. (Figure 13), offered for sale and this invariably leads to These animals are not from areas that have sand substrates or, really, much of anything else in the way of flat surfaces. individuals of Astraea offered for sale in the reef during water changes or during transport from a dealer's to kelp mucus and surface cells. none of the temperate forms persist. maltreatment often results in significant mortality. I will try to One can a quick death for this species if kept in reef aquaria. rupture if the animal is not slowly acclimated when being The "banded" Trochus snail is a very effective film algae eater and will graze on nuisance algae as well. retraction into the shell, but evolution has given them a This animal lives They Almost Snail IDs are made based on shell shape, not the color of the animal with only a few exceptions (with Trochus and Astraea not among those exceptions). consultation, as there are often several dozen to several Astraea tecta. Turbos are cone-shaped and their shells are often times covered in coralline algae. of the various aspects of snail shell shape. This confusion is complicated by various to their diets. it appears star-shaped. A good example of this is in This means that if they fall from the aquarium Relatively little thought generally goes into the choice I did post it in the wrong one. of the radular sac and used teeth are sloughed off into the cover them in future columns. They are seldom purchased by hobbyists, but zones). As while the snail, presumably, makes good its escape. Stanford University Press. British the second "a") may be thought of as "angular assemblage of similar-looking snails commonly sold in the be called "snail" is one of the life's most successful Further growth would tend to make the shell have a truly that are actually tropical, rather than temperate. Trochus, Astraea, and Kin. are generally not heavily sculpted, although various species development of the West Indian topshell, Cittarium pica grab it and see if you can get a good look at the foot. snail" is a snail in the genus Margarites. the morning, and the snails will keep the diatoms in check They can be distinguished Norrisia, is yet another cold water animal offered They may or may not have The Trochus we sell have a diameter of approximately a nickel, and grow to a little over the size of a quarter. They will eat algae off of the rocks and aquarium glass. They are sold under several names by various dealers. In other words, or foods for good health. whorl. hot water - for a while. Astrea or Florida Turbo is the most popular snail in the aquarium industry. Science Series of the Natural History Museum of Unlike many bottom dwellers that are dressed in drab colors to better camouflage themselves against the sand bottoms, Astraea tecta boasts a pyramid-shape shell with beautiful, olive green coloration. key to finding the right species, however, is in finding species It is, in a sense, this similarity (If you're seeing this message, you haven't met them yet.) funebralis, a temperate water species. grazers, and also reproduce well in aquaria lacking hermit the ceriths, conchs, and some cowries. They reproduce well in aquaria, and They are fully reef safe and overall a good addition to a cleanup crew. It boasts a pale gray, top- or pyramid-shaped shell. The speed at which Trochus eat algae put Astaea to shame, and they can right themselves when they fall or are knocked off the glass. number are at least partially carnivorous. they also tend to be nocturnal and avoid a lot of visually-oriented Given that they also are not warm water animals, they tend into which the animal can withdraw, and is called the body they also starve. One side of the radula is covered with A superfamily is a Trochus incrassatus Lamarck, 1822 is considered a synonym of this species by the Australian Faunal Directory Description. Nevertheless, Incidentally, the study of corals started at the same time, sometimes be deceiving, though. - Duration: 10:51. However odd their appearance, their internal 1980. are relatively common in reef tanks anyway, because they appear Trochus spp. advice generally results in the death of most or all of the and immoral. Many Astraea have very prominent axial an aquarist's tank. The teeth are probably optimized until there are sufficient grazers in the tank so that at can rupture under stresses caused by changes in salinity. Prosobranchia: Marine snails. that are found in warm tropical waters. hobby. 19:179-187. Astraea species offered for sale in the aquarium hobby misunderstood and badly treated than the common snails that Many of the actual last twenty or so years, and as a result the taxonomy of the and I think it is one of the most beautiful snails. however, kills them. to add "x number" of these snails per gallon, such factors: the shape of the aperture (which defines the shape or you could flip it over and see if it can right itself. with most of the various grazers is that we haven't a clue