They look great. Your email address will not be published. I’m an experienced cook, and normally eyeball things well. These look amazing! Moisten edges of pastry with water. Please help me. Line two cookie sheets with parchment paper. These cookies look exactly like them and I think they will taste like them as well. One question…how many pieces of dough do you divide the recipe into? Congrats on 2 years! I didn’t make as many cookies as the recipe says because I ate so much of the dough before baking it! Hi Lisa, If you look above at the photos, I basically take that long piece of dough with the filling spread on top, and roll it, long side facing me. Thanks again! Chelle, I was going to ask this same question about the butter sub. I have been trying a TON of your cookie recipes and they are so good! The cookie baking tends to ramp up the week after Thanksgiving when all of the Christmas baking kicks off, but there is one cookie that will forever and always remind me of Thanksgiving… These “pillow” cookies. Hi, your pictures show laying them on the nut side but the baked ones look like the dough baked over them. Types of Loaves -- Select One -- Lemon Ricotta Pound Cake Chocolate Orange Ricotta Pound Cake Zucchini Olive Oil Walnut Banana Pumpkin Combine water, yeast and sugar in a small bowl and leave for about 15 minutes to activate the yeast. I am not sure I would make these again unless they are a hit with the family (a lot of people in my family like plainer cookies ). Hi Lori, I have never tried doing that, but I think it’s worth a shot! I think next year I may try to make this one for her. I have a fair number of aunts, uncles and especially cousins (I have 17 girl cousins alone and 3 boy cousins on my mom’s side (yea, I don’t know what it is about those Kline but they sure do like to produce girls) and no cousins on my dad’s side) but despite great attempts at summer picnic family reunions and a Christmas party each year the family just is NOT close. I would recommend doing so as well.Â. I chilled the dough over 1 hour. i will be making these very soon:)! Michelle, So, I’m not sure which side to turn up when you say to place the cookies “cut side up”. Yummaroo! I too am from PA and I make the Kiffles. I must say, this cookie is fantastic! I love it! hope i made myself clear on my questions. Thanks much. I baked them for slightly less than the 30 minutes called for . If so, make sure to check out these other recipes that I picked out just for you: Your email address will not be published. Love your blog and recipes. (Butter should not be hot, just … Essential tools, baking lists, make-ahead tips, quick recipes, and more! We make it every single year without fail, and the filling is absolutely to die for. It always fascinates me how emotionally strong our ties are with food to family memories and holidays. Thank you! Repeat with the remaining pieces of dough and filling (you should be able to fit all of the cookies on two baking sheets.) I consider myself a good baker. I made these for the third time today. Hi Hannah, I’ve never tried them like that, but I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t! Using an electric mixer on medium speed, cream together the sugar and shortening. ), pumpkin rolls, carrot cakes and gingerbread trifles. also freeze with or without the icing? Heyo! Take one ball out at a time and roll into 5 inch wide strips. 2 1/2 cups (285 g) walnut halves or large pieces 1 cup (200 g) sugar 1 large egg. Can’t wait to try them. Divide into 6 balls. Happy Thanksgiving! Bake on an ungreased cookie sheet for 15 minutes. If you like plain sugar cookies then you might really like these.The recipe was very easy. Add the sugar and beat until well blended. The cookies can be stored in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 2 weeks. Wrap separately in plastic and chill until cold, about 30 minutes. I did use a food processor to make the filling. Do you think it would work if I hand stuffed each cookie with the walnut mix? Please clarify. And if so, if you had a recipe for the poppyseed filling my husband would be estatic! I have a quick question about the recipe. There are a few Christmas cookie recipes that are absolutely traditional in our family. Whisk flour, salt, cinnamon, and ginger in a medium bowl. I roll it jelly-roll style, as tight as I can. Thanks for stopping by! In looking for something else I came across these cookies. My mom was given the recipe by Velma whose family survived the concentration camps, and she made it for our family and the office, my dad worked for her husband, it was the same tradition and looked forward to every year before she passed. Thanks for sharing your family recipe with us! It’s one reason on the holidays (in which I often have the family all here to my house for the meal) that I make the family recipes, use special family dishes and items. Thanks for sharing all the great recipes! answer please. In keeping with my grandma’s tradition, I make the dough using a hand mixer and keep the stand mixer on the shelf. Oh wow!!!! The taste was very floury.the 1″ch cut was too thick, the were not flacky.Any suggestions to what I could have done wrong. Transfer the cookies to a wire rack and cool completely. Congratulations on 2 exceptionally deliciously yummy years. I never do well with rolled and cut method. Whisk the egg in a bowl, add the melted butter to the egg and mix. These cookies look delicious, but I just can’t make them right for some reason!! Is there some sciencey reason to use shortening? I used 2% milk. Tasty, but ugly. « Bang Bang Shrimp Pasta in the Instant Pot. They are delicious and not only will they be made every year, but with the memory of someone who showed her love by feeding yummy food to people. I miss your updates! Delicious, easy to make, pretty on a tray, makes a lot without a lot of trouble — you name it. If you try again let me know how it turns out, this is one of my grandma’s old recipes and one of my favorites! These sweet treats will be a hit either way. Thanks. Yes, I think you could prep them and then bake the next day. These will be on my Thanksgiving menu too. Working with one disc of dough at a time, on a lightly floured work surface, roll out the dough into a … Cut butter into dry ingredients, and then add milk to form dough. The cookies were surprisingly tender and we thought the flavor was just right. The week before they showed up, my grandma made batch after batch of these cookies, on top of all the other cooking and prepping that was required for a house full of people for a week plus hosting a major holiday for well over 20 people. These are pretty plain cookies already so I think it would have been better to have some more butteriness. I’m glad you liked them, regardless! Using an electric mixer on medium speed, cream together the sugar and shortening. After the dough and filling are made, it’s a simple process of rolling out the dough, spreading the filling and rolling it up and cutting into slices. Hi Elizabeth, I use regular Crisco. Needless to say, I couldn’t get a good rectangle shape. Thanks for posting this recipe. Bake in lightly greased pan 13 x 9 x 2 inches for 30 minutes. Macadamia nuts and pecans are also standing out to me as good options right now. These are very easy to make, and it makes a good bit…..they freeze well also…….You don’t see these on everyone’s cookie tray, truthfully I NEVER saw these before, which makes it such a nice change from the run of the mill cookies I use to……Thank you so much for the wonderful, easy,  and delicious recipe. Line one or more cookie sheets with foil, then butter the foil. Hi, I just tried these again today after receiving your email on your 2 year blog. Home » Baking » Walnut Cookie Recipe (Traditional Italian), Published on Nov 27, 2020 Modified: Nov 24, 2020 by The Foreign Fork. These look delicious! I was going to make them this weekend, but was stumped so I decided to wait until I had a chance to write to you. Very pretty round, flat cookie with a visable swirl nut design. Do you think I could substitute the shortening for the dough with butter? 1 Preheat oven to 170°C (150°C fan) mark 3. I had the same problem, I can’t roll these cookies right. The Rebbetzin Chef's Persian Walnut Cookies 28 These delicately-spiced, rose-scented cookies are the perfect treat for Passover since they contain no flour. :(. Happy Blogversary! And yes, you can make that substitute with the salt. Any clues on what I did wrong? Roll the balls of dough into the remaining egg white, and then toss with the chopped walnuts, place … Chill the dough for about 1-1/2 hours to firm slightly. :) I think I’ll make them as some of my Christmas cookies this year! They are so rare now! :). Hi Norma, Solid vegetable shortening (Crisco). I love your blog, I don’t think you need to change anything, but I know change is good and fun:) I love your sweet recipes! I’m from a large italian family also and most of my memories are around food and holidays. My family recipe used to call for placing the dough in the fridge. Do you recommend using this recipe or the one from last year. Thanks for the recipe. Thanks! I mixed the dough up Saturday eve, & rolled them Sunday. I made the full batch and actually got 5 dozen cookies (16 cookies per quarter round of cookie dough). In our family, they were simply referred to as pillows; I have no idea how they got that name, but I guess is that it’s because they’re little puffs of deliciousness :)  These are essentially little nut rolls that have been baked and dipped in a basic powdered sugar icing. did you ever get the recipe? I guess as long as that’s the case there will always be people like us there to bake and cook these family memories to keep passing down through the generations. Yeast usually needs a warmer environment to truly flourish. Italian waffle cookies made with eggs, flour, sugar, and butter or vegetable oil, and often flavored with vanilla, anise or almond, pizelles were first made in Abruzzo in the 8th century. Always great to hear from a fellow Pittsburgher as well! I would wait until you thaw them to ice them, though. Once I tried a cookie called: Walnuts Melt, but I couldn’t figure out a way to make them myself. Add the egg … The taste is great, but your picture of them they look smaller. Roll the dough to ⅛” thickness on a floured board. Hi Chrissy, I’ve never had an issue with the filling coming out of these cookies, and I really don’t know at all how they would work by “stuffing” them? Preaheat oven to 350 degrees. Roll dough into a log shape and cut into at an angle. It gives us an identity in massive world we live in. Black walnuts typically have a stronger, earthier flavor than English walnuts. Bang Bang Shrimp Pasta in the Instant Pot. Annamaria. My cookie looks a little more “dry” than your finished cookie does and reminds me of a biscuit. Set aside. However, this is a thicker dough so it might not be that prone to spreading. Allow the icing to set completely before storing. Would have loved to make them for my own Grandma. Were they overbaked at all? You can use Instant Yeast if you’d like, but there is no way to confirm that your yeast is alive until after the cookies are already baked and it’s too late.Â, I use full fat sour cream for this recipe. I have read that sometimes you might have to add a bit more flour to keep the cookies from spreading when subbing butter for shortening. I wouldn’t consder my oven running “hot” at all. (The dough will be soft.) Nov 10, 2020 - Explore Vallipacenza's board "Walnut cookie recipes" on Pinterest. If you have a food processor, the filling comes together in less than five minutes. Put 1 heaping tsp of filling in the center of each square. I made the Italian Pillow Cookies today. (Recipes like this make me so jealous of all of you people who don’t live with people with nut allergies. I think a podcast or two added to the mix would be really cool. Add the egg whites and mix well until completely combined. Growing up, Thanksgiving was a huge deal. I may or may not be able to eat a whole plate of these right now! Anyway, on my mom’s side she has the recipe for the cookies her mother ALWAYS made at Christmas just called “Filled Cookies” which are essentially two rounds of a more shortbread type dough (I’ve always thought it a rather dry dough) encasing a mixture of raisins, walnuts and filling. Cool and sprinkle with powdered sugar. Leave a Review. I’m going to give these a try! They have become a Thanksgivng tradition in my family now. This cookie looks delicious and will be made this year! A local store .makes them with almonds. Could you explain this cookie to me? It does takes 24 hours to make, the dough has to sit overnight, and though it is super delicious, these would be so much easier and still have the comfort feeling with the walnut filling. I love cookies with nuts in them but am wondering if I could use butter instead of the shortening? Did you enjoy this Walnut Cookie Recipe? What do you think?? Also if you don’t have a rolling pin like me, a wine bottle works swell. these look amazing! I’ve never baked them in an entire roll and cut them, but it’s certainly something you can try. My cookies did not turn out at all. The dough is made with yeast, so it rises a bit and is then stuffed with a chopped walnut filling that will leave your taste buds singing. Your blog is so wonderful! Alongside our family favorite Biscotti Recipe and our Pecan Snowball Cookies, this Walnut Cookie Recipe ranks in the top of our cookie favorites! Pout.). The cookies did spread and puff, but an inch of space between cookies on the sheet was sufficient. Line two large baking sheets with baking parchment. I’m long overdue in writing to you about these cookies. The first batch I baked some cut side up and some dough side up. Carolyn, Thank you so much for writing, so happy to hear you have enjoyed these cookies. Happy birthday to your son! A grandma recipe! They look insanely delicious and congrats on two years blogging!! Thanks again!! As for why using shortening – it’s simply what my grandma always used! Nutritional values are based on one cookie, The Ultimate List of Christmas Baking Ideas. Thanks. I wanted to revive them from the archives because they deserved some new and improved pictures, and, most importantly, because these were always a Thanksgiving tradition in our family.]. Use a nut chopper or a food processor to chop walnuts into small pieces. YUM!! When I rolled my dough out, it looked just like your pictures. Awesome cookies and really easy to make. Any suggestions. I made them and froze them so all I had to do was slice and bake when needed. i made these over the weekend. Aahhhh, so sorry for misspelling your name!!! Congratulations on 2 years. So I’m definetely going to give them a try! Cooking time the same? I can’t wait to serve them up for dessert! Hello and welcome! Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or a … Using a 2 1/2-inch … Your finished cookie has a “softer” look in the picture than mine do. He said they “taste like home”. Pinned! Only the end slides will have only one side cut. I think you can probably use any nut you want. I went against my better judgement, thinking maybe I didn’t know what I was talking about since this was my first attempt at these cookies… I cut a tiny layer off the bottom and they are fine. Required fields are marked *. Hi Marcie and Barbara, I’m sorry you had issues with the cookies. I always remembered my grandma’s cookies being smooth on top, but last year my mom was at my house when I was making them and said my grandma always baked them cut-side-up. Hi Nikki, Yes, they freeze really well! I’m so glad I found you. But I had to hide them from my husband first, as they have become his favorite cookie, right up there with cranberry biscotti. Walnut Cookies, or Walnut Roll-Up Cookies, as we call them in my house are a delicious way to bring the holiday spirit to your home! Thanks! I never use shortening, so I swapped in butter as my main fat instead of shortening. Can I bake these ahead of time and freeze them for Christmas? However, yeast that has already risen will keep well in the fridge, and you can certainly do this for even up to a few days. I will definitely make these again. Ice the Cookies: Once the cookies are cooled, whisk together the powdered sugar, vanilla and milk in a small bowl. Did I do something wrong or just bake too long? Add activated yeast along with egg yolks, sour cream, and 1 tsp vanilla extract. Roll out 1 disk of dough on a floured work surface to 1/8 to 1/4-inch thickness. I’m so happy you posted this recipe! If you like walnuts and that traditional taste of a drier Italian Christmas cookie, this recipe is the way to go! I want to make them so bad!! Keep the mold pressed down and cook on top of the stove, turning it over to cook on both sides, about 3 minutes per side, until the cookies … After reading some getting pinwheel looking pillows, could this be why? Hi Nancy, Four pieces (it’s in the second paragraph). I wondered a long time ago while slaving over a batch of “kolach” (what we call nut roll in our family here in Youngstown, OH) if there was a cookie version of that holiday treat. If you decide to give it a try please let me know how it turns out! Bake until the cookies are a light golden brown, about 30 minutes. I really expected them to be soft- like pillows- but they came out really hard. (It has a lot to do with jealousy and that’s other long stories not meant for a baking blog). Happy blogiversary! I’ve never came across them before. Use a pastry cutter or a fork to cut the butter into the four. I would try refrigerating the sliced cookies before baking and see if that helps. My name is Alexandria. The cookies tasted TERRIBLE. Love your walnut pillows! I enlisted my husband to tast-test and we both agreed that the dough side up cookies had a moister filling which we preferred.I have never used shortening before and I am not sure that I liked it. thanks for your comment…will try freezing and see how they work out! Italian Cookies Dessert Bake Raisin Walnut Bon Appétit. When ready to use, thaw the cookies to room temperature and then frost them. This would be so helpful. And pillowy cookies are my favorite, I love it when cookies have the texture of a dense cake, instead of just crunchy cookie texture. We also just covered the dome shaped cookies with plain powdered sugar. Happy Holidays to all from Sunny San Diego. Congrats on 2 years! I’ve even made these for a celebration at my church for one of our former Italian priests who was elevated to Cardinal and shipped off to Rome. Did you alter the recipe from last year? I wanted to make these delicious cookies now for Christmas. I’m not sure why this is the case; probably something sciency, but I’m glad to have figured out how to make them tasty AND pretty. Walnut Cookie Recipe (Traditional Italian), I like using Active, Dry yeast because it is definitely a very easy way to confirm that your yeast is alive. I am wondering like Snow if the shortening you are using is the solid version or the liquid–I have both but normally cook with the liquid kind–also I don’t normally have unsalted butter in the house–can I just delete the additional salt in the recipe and use salted butter–will this make a difference? My cookies turned out somewhat biscuit-like. I think its a more emotional response to the cookie rather than one based on taste and quality. They are delicious and a huge hit in my italian family. In the United States, it is very common to use English Walnuts in all of our baking recipes. This is probably a stupid question…do you bake these standing up or do you lay them on their side? I then couldn’t roll them tight so I had to use 4 trays. Hi, I was wondering what I can substitute (if I can) the shortening with. Joan and Toni T, if freezing, don’t frost them yet as the icing will get so hard and can break-up or chip pieces off of the cookies. Mine look like pinwheels too. I like cookies with a strong flavor like lemon or chocolate–but I know many people love just plain sugar cookies!Just wondering why shortening instead of butter? Beat in the flour, and then the ground and chopped walnuts. Did you ever try baking whole roll and then cuting? Can’t wait to try these! Since my grandma passed away, I’ve made sure that these cookies have been on my Thanksgiving dessert menu every year. Beat in yolk and walnut liqueur, … Even without the icing, these cookies are seriously yummy — I taste tested one that I accidentally battered and looked less-than-pretty. Also, forgot to say that I used pecans – didn’t have any walnuts – I would probably still use the shortening and not butter. I slice them about one inch like it says, but they fall over and look like pinwheels. You know Joan, I’ve never tried freezing them – our family always gobbles these up! I could see making them again but adding a stronger flavor, like lemon, orange, or chocolate. Both sides are cut. They do no look at all like your cookies. Put in refrigerator over night. . I am more of a cookie fan than a pie fan so these will be a perfect addition to our dessert menu. Hi there! She has now passed and her recipes went with her (she never wrote a recipe down). I have never personally tried it, but experimenting with different kinds of nuts (or even a combo) in this cookie would be delicious. Hi Michelle~ I made these cookies yesterday, and the question I have is in regard to texture. I made these cookies today and they are delicious! The filling was delicious but the cookie part was a bit bland and I think lacked the richness that butter would have added. Is the 1 -1/2 lbs walnuts accurate? Have you ever prepared the rolls ahead of time and froze them before slicing and baking? These cookies remind me of my mom’s Hungarian cookies that have an egg white and walnut filling but they contain yeast and the dough has to be refrigerated over night like yours. Sooo excited to try this recipe next week for Thanksgiving! I’m from Pittsburgh also and ny mom friend taught us how to make these. Beat butter, cream cheese, and sugars with a mixer on medium speed until fluffy, about 2 minutes. Those make me think of little cinnamon bun cookies. It won’t take the place of the ones she makes but she may like these too. Will be trying these very soon. Can you post some step by steps pictures?